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Deep Question Answering at IBM Research: “Watson” and the Jeopardy! Man vs. Machine Challenge

Pubblicato da federica lunedì, 23 maggio 2011 | Rubriche: Home, IN-Agenda

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30 maggio 2011

Lunedì 30 maggio alle ore 11.30                                                                   

Aula Convegni

Deep Question Answering at IBM Research: “Watson” and the Jeopardy!  Man vs. Machine Challenge





Bonaventura Coppola – IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center – New York.



On February 2011, the IBM “Watson” Question Answering system won a Grand

Human-versus-Machine Challenge in Artificial Intelligence by defeating two all-time million-winning human champions in the popular American quiz show “Jeopardy!”. The Watson Deep QA system is the result of a 3-years research & development project by the IBM Research Division. The talk will describe the Challenge, introduce the overall algorithmic, architectural and engineering aspects of Watson, and discuss its performance in the Jeopardy! game. Also, specific processing examples showing the system’s Natural Language Understanding capabilities will be presented and analyzed. Eventually, the current IBM plans for healthcare application of the Deep QA technology will be shortly introduced.