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Exploratory Attitude and Creativity in Science

Pubblicato da federica lunedì, 31 maggio 2010 | Rubriche: Home, IN-Agenda

Facoltà di Ingegneria Leggi tutto

11 giugno 2010

Venerdì 11 giugno dalle ore 14.00

Aula Paroli

Exploratory Attitude and Creativity in Science  

Venerdì 11 maggio, Chiara Franzoni terrà il seminario “Exploratory Attitude and Creativity in Science”presso la Facoltà di Ingegneria. 

We introduce a new empirical strategy based on content screening to investigate the effect of several factors on creativity in science. We distinguish between creative research – the exploration of a new research line -and incremental research – the exploitation of existing research trajectories.  Our methodology enables us to separate and measure creative productivity and incremental productivity. Applying this methodology to a large sample, we find that past productivity, moderate teamwork, experimentalism, cross-disciplinary background, and experiences of corporate R&D research are associated with greater exploratory behavior. Conversely, past creativity, large team sizes and more years of service are associated with greater exploitative behavior. Geographical mobility and gender are not
correlated with either. Implications for stimulating creative approaches in management of organizations and in research-grant policies are discussed.

Speaker’s short bio:
Chiara Franzoni (PhD, Università di Bergamo, 2005) is Post-Doc fellow at Politecnico di Torino. Prior to joining Politecnico di Torino, she was post-doc at CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and visiting post-doc at Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University (Atlanta, USA).
Franzoni’s research expertise is in the area of knowledge diffusion and transfer mechanisms, financing of science and academia, and patents and Intellectual Property rights policies, with a focus on academic patenting. She has worked on academic patenting and on Intellectual Property regimes in science. Implications of her work are relevant for Research Policy, for the management of public administrations and of academia, and for the commercialization of technology.
Current research projects relate to: international competition and incentive policies in science, prejudicial disclosures in international patent law, determinants of creativity in science and R&D, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) evaluation, openness of science and its effects on social and economic development, networks of scientists and academic inventors and their effects on productivity in research. She is also involved in the development of advanced scientometric techniques suitable to map the development of science.

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